Arrested Developing

March 01, 2013

This is basically just a test post.  I’ve never really blogged before and thought that now would be a good time to start - predominantly because I’ve been asked to speak at the Sheffield .NET user group, and need a place to record my ideas.

I don’t think I intend to write about anything personal on here so, rest assured, you’ll only read about my programming experiences.  Incidently, this is a good time to point out that the address was already taken BY SOMEBODY ELSE.  If you are looking for that address then you are very much in the wrong place.

So, what do I do?  At the minute, I primarily program in C# using WPF.  I have a couple of apps the the WIndows 8 app store written in C# / XAML, they are:


and I’ve just released a fresh one written in HTML5 / JS.  I’m still learning javascript, so you probably shouldn’t judge me too harshly on that one:

I’m currently working on an HTML5 game, and if I remember to blog anything again, it may relate to that.

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