Implementing a call to search using MVVM Light

October 14, 2013

I recently started using the MVVM Light framework to create an app. One of the first things that I found tripped me up was trying to link the ViewModel functionality with the visual interface. After a little more searching than should be necessary I came across the concept of commands. Basically, thos allows you to bind the functionality of your view model to an action on the screen. In the example below it’s the action of clicking a button.

First, create a new relay command (this is in the namespace GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Command):

    public class MainViewModel : ViewModelBase
        private readonly IDataService \_dataService;

        /// /// The property's name.
        public const string WelcomeTitlePropertyName = "WelcomeTitle" ;

        private string \_welcomeTitle = string.Empty;

               // New Command Variable
        public RelayCommand SearchCommand { get ; private set ; }

Next initialise the command in the constructor of the VM:

        public MainViewModel( IDataService dataService)
            this.SearchCommand = new RelayCommand (this.GetDataCount);

Obviously, the execute function must exist. For example:

        private void GetData()
                \_dataservice.GetData((count, error) =>
                    if (error != null)
                        // Report error here

                    // Do something with data here

Finally, simply add a call from the XAML in MainWindow:


You can also pass parameters, by simply providing the CommandParameter attribute and then using it. However, given that you’re already in the databound context (i.e. you’re function is in your ViewModel, which is bound to the DataContext) I didn’t find a need for this, as it’s possible to simply reference the property directly.


This ends up being quite a neat way to link the two. The screen is linked to the view model without having a chunk of code in the button click handler.

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