WinRT Data Binding Using MVVM

August 24, 2014

How to bind Windows 8 XAML to a View Model. Although this post is based on an example using MVVM Cross, it will work for any MVVM framework, or even a customised one.

The Problem

I have a collection of data that I want to display in a customised format. My architecture is MVVM (using MVVM Cross).


The principle here is that my data is stored in a model, but shaped in the ViewModel into a digestible format for the view. In my specific example, I have a list of people, and based on a specific criteria, I want to display a selection of these people in the view. For the sake of this article, I want to display people with a name starting with “D”.


My model looks something like this:

    public class Person
        #region Basic attributes
        public string Name { get; set; }

When my ViewModel is shown, I override an initialise method. Whilst this is not part of MVVM Cross per-se, it is basically a call to a custom initialise from the default `Init`:

private IEnumerable \_people;
public IEnumerable People
    get { return \_people; }
        \_people = value;
        RaisePropertyChanged(() => People);

// Override custom init method
protected override void RealInit(NavigationParameter parameter)
    var population = Mvx.Resolve();
    People = population.Where(p => p.Name.StartsWith("D"));

So, my ViewModel now contains the correct, shaped data, I can just bind this:

And that should work.

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