Updating a View Model from Inside a Collection

September 27, 2014

My last post suggested a concept of having a `Selectable` Model, which effectively wraps a model in a class with a generic item and an `IsSelected` property. This does, however, present a slight issue. What if you want to update the view model, based on the item being selected, or de-selected?

Say, for example, that from my previous post, you had a property on the Person class called Wages, and wanted to display the total wages of all the selected people. You would have defined `TotalCostSummary` in the ViewModel, and bound it in the View.

My solution is to pass a delegate into the Selectable item. Here’s how I did it (this doesn’t really make any sense without referring back to the first post).

SelectableItem Model

In the `SelectableItem`, define a new property like so:

        private Action \_updateMethod = null;
        public Action IsSelectedChangedMethod
            get { return \_updateMethod; }
                \_updateMethod = value;

And change `IsSelected` to looks like this:

        private bool \_isSelected;
        public bool IsSelected
            get { return \_isSelected; }
                \_isSelected = value;                
                if (\_updateMethod != null)


        private void UpdateTotalCost()
            \_summary = SelectablePeople.Where(a => a.IsSelected).Sum(s => s.Item.Wages);
            RaisePropertyChanged(() => TotalCostSummary);

Next, change the code to define the list:

List population = GetPeople();
SelectablePeople = new ObservableCollection\>(population
	.Select(n => new SelectableItem() 
		Item = n, IsSelected = false, IsSelectedChangedMethod = (() => UpdateTotalCost())  


The net effect is that the changes now made inside the model can bubble up to the ViewModel, but the separation of the two has been maintained.

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