Using inheritance in Unity for better code re-use

January 08, 2016

In previous posts regarding Unity, I’ve made the comment that I’m quite new to Unity… but I’m not new to C#, and have been a little surprised regarding the apparent lack of code re-use through inheritance and polymorphism in scripting examples that I’ve seen. So much so, that I started to assume that, for some reason, this wasn’t possible in Unity.

It is. I was looking for an architecture like this:


As an experiment, I created a base script:

public class BaseScript : MonoBehaviour
    public virtual void RunStart() { }
    public virtual void RunUpdate() { }

    void Start ()
    void Update ()

    void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)

You get the idea. I handle the standard functions, and then provide either some default functionality, or none, and allow the child to override. Inherit as you would for any base class:

public class MyScript : BaseScript
    public override void RunStart()

As you would expect from any C# / .NET similar structure, you reference in the child script, and you get the base functionality.

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