Listing all topics and subscriptions in an Azure Service Bus Namespace

August 21, 2022

For anyone that follows this blog, you’ll notice that Azure Service Bus is one of my favourite topics. In this post, we’re going to see how you can list all subscriptions to all topics within a namespace.

var serviceBusClient = new ServiceBusClient(connectionString);

var serviceBusAdminClient = new ServiceBusAdministrationClient(connectionString);
var topics = serviceBusAdminClient.GetTopicsAsync();
await foreach (var topic in topics)
    var subs = serviceBusAdminClient.GetSubscriptionsAsync(topic.Name);
    await foreach (var sub in subs)
        Console.WriteLine($"{sub.TopicName}: {sub.SubscriptionName}");

We’re using the latest service bus library, and the ServiceBusAdministrationClient, which lets us traverse the topics, and the subscriptions within them.


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