Deploying a Static Web Site Using Azure Storage

August 28, 2023

In the UK, it’s been a bank holiday weekend, which means that I had a bit of time on my hands. I decided to revisit the idea of creating a HTML game. I’ve done this several times before, and blogged about it:

Creating a game in Blazor

Creating a game in VueJS

Creating a game in React

Creating a game in HTML

In fact, it was the latter of these that I took and adapted this time; however, this post is not about that - it’s about how to deploy such a site.


There are a few options - since the site is very simple, it may not warrant going down the route of docker, but you certainly can. There is also the option of creating an Apache server (these two options are not mutually exclusive). However, by far the cheapest and quickest option is to create a storage account, and host from there.

Storage Account

The first step is to create the storage account:

Create storage account

Once the storage account is created, you can flip the Static Website switch:

Static website

In this blade, there’s an option to enable static sites, and to direct it to the index and error page:

Static website

Once this is enabled, a new container will be created for you (there’s a shortcut in the blade itself), otherwise, seek out the $web container:

Web folder

Once in this folder, you can simply upload your site. Once done, back in the Static website blade that we visited before, you’ll see the exposed endpoint:

Static website


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