Getting Started With MS Graph API

January 18, 2024

I’ve recently been working on a little project to interact with Outlook calendars, and so I’ve started looking into the MS Graph API.

If you’re getting started with the Graph API, the Graph Explorer is a good place to start. When you access this page, by default, you’ll be given a sample tenant:

Sample Tenant

In this portal, you can run test queries and even get code samples to illustrate how to use the SDK.

Once you’ve experimented with this, you can request (or you could at the time of writing this) a sandbox with sample data - basically a copy of your actual data:


This brings up the issue of permissions: in the sandbox, with fake data, you can do anything; but obviously, you can’t really just interrogate someone’s calendar or OneNote data without their say so. If you try to execute queries now, you’ll probably start seeing 403 errors:

403 Error

If you simply select Modify Permissions you can consent to interrogation of the relevant data.

Finally, once you’re happy with your testing, you can request the code, by selecting Code Snippets.


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