Add Configuration to a .Net Core Console Application

December 05, 2020

This is another of those blog posts that’s probably been done before, but I keep having to collate a few pieces of information.

What we’re going to do here is create a .Net Core Console application, that reads an appsettings.json file, and a local secrets file. I covered some of this in an earlier post around creating a test harness in a .Net Core application.

If you’re using the console, then start with a new console app:

dotnet new console

We’ll need a few NuGet packages, too:

Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration
Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Json
Install-Package Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.UserSecrets

Wherever you’re reading the config, add the following snippet:

IConfiguration configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder()
               .AddJsonFile("appsettings.json", true, true)       

Since you’re bog standard console app doesn’t have an appsettings.json, you’ll need to add that; make sure you set the build action to “Copy if newer”:


And that’s it. To access the config, you can simply call:


If you wish to use GetValue then you’ll need the following package:

Install-Package microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Binder

For example:

string connectionString = configuration.GetValue<string>("ServiceBusConnectionString");


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