Sending a Service Bus Message Failed

December 12, 2020

While playing around with Azure Service Bus in .Net Core, I came across this error, and it had me stumped for a while:

Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.UnauthorizedException: ‘Put token failed. status-code: 401, status-description: InvalidSignature: The token has an invalid signature..’

Having had a look on the internet, everyone seemed to be of the opinion that such errors were caused by an invalid connection string. I checked my connection string a number of times and it seemed correct.

However, the sentiment is, in fact, the correct one. The actual cause of this was that I was using the connection string from a specific queue, while trying to connect to a topic. I’d copied the queue connection code, and for some reason, the connection string being different didn’t twig with me. Connection strings work in a hierarchical fashion. For example:

Service Bus Heirarchy

You can use the connection string from a namespace for all the queues and topics within that namespace; but you can only use the connection string for a queue only for that queue.

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